A just transition: how can we fairly assign climate responsibility?

Published 2022 – As part of the Earth4All project, collaborators have submitted deep-dive papers to delve further into the issues and solutions needed to transform our economic system and provide an equitable future for all on a finite planet. This paper argues that recognising and addressing global inequalities is central to addressing the climate change challenge.

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Authors: Jayati Ghosh, Shouvik Chakraborty, Anuar Sucar Diaz Ceballos, and Adrina Ibnat Jamilee Adiba

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Ocean Food Production: Limits and Strategies

Ocean Food Production: Limits and Strategies

10 March 2023 - “Ocean Food Production: Limits and Strategies” is a recent report published by the Club of Rome, where the authors dive straight into the issue of food production in a saturated planet, damaged by the severe impacts of climate change and ecological...

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