Sayamov, Yury

Dr. Yury Sayamov is a diplomat and scientist combining his international experience of over 50 years with scientific studies and teaching at the Faculty of Global Processes of the Moscow State University after he retired from the State Service in 2010.

He is Full Member of the International Global Research Academy, of the International Academy of Public Diplomacy, of World Academy of Art and Science, of Russian Academy of Ecology, of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, of Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, of the International Club of Nice on Energy and Geopolitics and of other scientific institutions.

As the Councilor to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences he took part in the elaboration of the present Global Agenda 2030.

He is interested in exploring the evolution of international relations, global social transformations and emerging ethical challenges and published recently monographs “International Relations in the Context of Global Processes (2018) and “Bioethics and Global Challenges” (2020). Among his other known works is “City in the Globalizing World” published in Russian in Moscow and in English in Hong Kong.

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