Perelet, Renat

Prof. Renat Perelet is a research leader at the Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1985) and an associate Professor at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Government Services under the Russian President.

Previously, he was a consultant to inter-alia the Brundtland Commission, the Commission on Global Governance, UNEP (in particular, elaborating on the concept of environmental security, valuation of ecosystems goods and services, and natural capital), UNIDO (industrial management), the European Union (green economy, biodiversity economics), OECD (debt-for-nature swops), NATO (conflict and environment, management information systems), World Bank (environmental policy development), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Harvard University (economics of regional sustainable development), and the Russian Parliament and Government.

He has notably contributed to the promotion of sustainable development and green economy in Central Asia and has authored, co-authored and contributed to a number of internationally known books, including “Our Common Future” (1987) and the UNESCO largest online Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems.

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