Hayashi, Yoshitsugu

Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi is Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University and Professor of Chubu University, Japan. He is also President of WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society) which attracts more about 1,500 researchers and practitioners in all modes of transport with multi-disciplinary approaches, from 80 developing and developed countries/regions.

His research focuses on urbanization and motorization and the countermeasure policy to overcome their negative impacts. His rail oriented urban reform plan in 1996 became a trigger to overcome Bangkok’s hyper congestion in mid 90’s resulted in reversing the budget of road vs. rail from 1:99 in 90’s to 82:14 in Transport 2020 Plan.

The current research is focused on a measurement method of individual’s Quality of Life by attributes (age, gender, income, etc.) and by living place considering accessibility to hospitals & shops, amenity, safety & security and environment. This has been applied for planning to make growing and shrinking/aging cities resilient and sustainable.

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