Geier, Joerg

Joerg Geier is a sustainability strategist, systems thinker, and project director. He is a bridge builder who has been active across different networks and organizations in multiple countries and cultures. He is former Director of Executive Education at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and member and former Deputy Secretary General of the Club of Rome.

Joerg challenges people to envision a future that works for all. As a Fulbright scholar, MBA, creative thinker, applied researcher, and program director, Joerg has, on behalf of start-ups, corporations and think tanks, developed projects and initiatives in the areas of cleantech/sustainability, leadership education, and impact investing.

Joerg is currently focusing on the development of a seed-stage start-up: a new collaborative platform model driving collective intelligence in the area of regeneration. He consults on sustainability-driven ecosystems and how to develop corresponding strategies. As part of Regen.Minds, he runs, together with other practitioners, workshops and leadership programs focused on transformation both from a systems and personal perspective.

At Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, Joerg oversaw international and customized leadership programs. He helped drive capacity building initiatives spanning three continents.

As a member of the Club of Rome, he has initiated and coordinated projects questioning society’s status quo. This included a collaboration with the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture that Joerg coordinated and operationalized: the Vatican “Watershed” conference on World Water Day 2017 articulated stories on the value and values of water and brought together leaders and storytellers from businesses, government entities, international and not-for-profit organizations.

On behalf of the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (Berlin), contributed to an EU research project on the transformation of entrepreneurship support systems toward sustainability.

Joerg’s overall vision is to contribute to a transformation of our unsustainable systems based on environmental and social innovations. In his speeches, he offers alternative perspectives on how to build a future based on long-term thinking. Joerg brings together unique insights from a business and scientific perspective and draws on his experience and skills gained from the start-up world and leadership education.

He is an advisory board member and program director of the Arts & Nature Social Club, a member’s club whose mission it is to sensitize leaders to planetary challenges. His volunteer roles have included climate mentor at Founder Institute, SAP.iO Venture Studio, and Allianz Explorer Camp | Climate Edition. He is also a member of the Energy Academy, a think tank focused on the transition to renewables, and serves as a judge in UC Berkeley’s Big Ideas@Berkeley contest.

During a Fulbright scholarship, he completed his MBA at Golden Gate University (San Francisco, CA).

For additional information, see his LinkedIn profile.

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