Cummings, Tom

Tom is best known for his ability to bring new insights, sharp contrasts and fresh perspectives consciously developed from three main landscapes over 30 years:

Entrepreneurial Founder

North Atlantic Associates, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Leading Ventures, Technology Resources Group, EUREKA Business School Partnership for Tech Alliances; PARAS Ecos; Leading Ventures; Executive Learning Partnership; Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Climate Action Initiative ( C-Roads climate simulator), Competent Boards Programme and NOW Partnership (2020).

Executive and Board Member

Shell Group Planning, EVP ABN AMRO Bank NV, Director, Unilever Global Centre for Expertise. Charitable Board contributions to: Tallberg Foundation, B Lab Europe, International Bateson Institute; Common Purpose, Progressio Foundation,

Intellectual Driver/Adviser/Author

Concerned with 1) Systems evolution and regeneration through mutual learning and 2) transformational partnerships in the finance, energy, and agri-food sectors. Methods are grounded in authorship of: ‘Leadership Landscapes, (2008), Nine Visions of Capitalism (2015) Leading Organisational Learning (2004) and Reference Handbook on Political and Civic Leadership (2010) and numerous publications. Core-faculty, New Board program (Professor of the Year) NBU Netherlands (2010). Cambridge University program on ‘Futures Thinking’; Award winning research and teaching at IMD, Switzerland, Policy and scientific contributions to SDG Framework development for UNEP Under-secretary and Chief Scientist. Research, program design and educator in more than 20 leading institutions and hundreds of companies on all continents.
Graduate studies, University of London, Imperial College; teaching and research fellow, IMD Switzerland; undergraduate studies, University of Puget Sound. Tom was a founding member of the Forum Humanum Boston, a young leaders group of the Club of Rome initiated by Aurelio Peccei. He resides in the Netherlands with his Dutch partner Emilie whom he met through the Forum Humanum.

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