Cheng, Yi-Heng

Dr. Ing. Yi-Heng Cheng is CEO of Knauf Asia and a joint owner of Liyang Humboldt Advanced Material Co. Ltd, offering industrial solutions to various industries, and helping CBI Investment to integrate clean technologies into coal poly-generation package. Previously, Yi-Heng worked many years at BASF, where amongst other he was in charge of implementing the Responsible Care Program and Sustainable Development in Asia Pacific. He also served as co-chair or workgroup chairman in several chemical associations, like the Association International Chemical Manufacturers in Hong Kong (AICM).

He translated several books, such as “Factor 5” and “The Blue Economy” into Chinese to promote resource productivity in China. He co-founded the “Institute of EcoNovation” in Shanghai, using projects to assist social innovators becoming social entrepreneurs.

He is currently also a member of advisory board of Blue Sign Technologies AG, Switzerland, an advisor to Chemical Industry Promotion Unit of Chinese National Productivity Center of China, a member of International Factor 10 Club, and Asia Deputy Director of International Ecological Development Union (EDUI).

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