Berg, Christian

Prof. Christian Berg is a scholar, consultant, and advisor on sustainability in academia, industry and politics.

As a professor he lectures both at Clausthal University of Technology on Sustainability and Global Change and at Saarland University on Corporate Sustainability. He is a member of the investment committee of the GLS Bank, Germany’s first social and ecological bank. Leading the sustainability function within SAP’s business consulting as Chief Sustainability Architect he helped businesses to improve their triple bottom line performance. As the lead of the task force “Sustainable Economic Activity and Growth” within the Future Dialogue of Chancellor Merkel he advised the federal government to steer Germany on a more sustainable path

Christian holds academic degrees in physics, philosophy, theology and mechanical engineering and received several grants and awards, among others the SAP Research Award 2007.

He co-founded and is board-member of the Think Tank 30 of the German Chapter of the Club of Rome. Find out more about him at his personal website!

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