Bardi, Ugo

Prof. Ugo Bardi is Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence (IT). He is the author of a number of books and articles on the subject of mineral resources and their depletion, among which the 33rd report to the Club of Rome titled “Extracted” (2014) and “The Limits to Growth Revisited” (2011). He is also founder and former president of the Italian section of Association for the Study of Peak Oil and chief editor of “Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality”, a Springer journal

Ugo’s work focuses on promoting a sustainable transition to renewable energy on the basis of a quantitative energy yield analysis. In his blog “Cassandra’s Legacy”, he examines among other things the “Seneca Effect”, a biophysical interpretation of the collapse of complex systems.

Ugo lives in Fiesole (IT) with his wife Grazia.

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