Breakingviews – Guest view: The EU is tarnishing its green jewel


23 March 2021 – BRUSSELS (Reuters Breakingviews) – When Ursula von der Leyen announced the European Green Deal in 2019, she hailed it as “Europe’s ‘man on the moon’ moment”. A key component of this revolutionary programme would be the European Union Taxonomy, using the latest climate science to define truly green investments. The European Commission president is now in grave danger of allowing this all-important tool to become toothless.

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Life economies – an emerging opportunity for stewarding future

Life economies – an emerging opportunity for stewarding future

12 October 2021 – Our future needs a global economic architecture that focuses on the conditions for life on our planet. Tending to social and ecological vitality and considering individual and collective well-being together is possible. Life Economies have plural opportunities for implementation and they are already emerging at the fringes of the mainstream economic system. Scaling these seeds of the future requires attention to six guiding principles.

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